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Car Finder Plus app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 7243 ratings )
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Developer: Cinn Dev
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Aug 2008
App size: 173.09 Kb

Have you ever parked your car and forgotten its location?

Have you ever spent frustrating time tying to remember the lot level on which you left your vehicle?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your significant other over whose fault it was for not writing down your parking stall number?

Here is the solution to all of the above (except getting into an argument with your significant other!).

As featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and media around the world, Car Finder is the breakthrough app that has helped tens thousands of customers locate their cars by simply taping their iPhone.

Now, Car Finder Plus revolutionizes Car Finder by adding an integrated Google Maps system. Its easier, faster, and simpler than ever!

** Directions: **
Tap the level on which you are parked (the 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 button). NOTE: This overwrites the previously saved location

When you are ready to find your car, just open your Car Finder iPhone app! Zoom out of the Google Map until you see the BLUE dot representing your location and the RED pin representing your car. Navigate back via the map!

IMPORTANT: Please note that this program is best used with the iPhone 3G(S), as it is dependent upon location data, which is most accurate when GPS services are available.

Pros and cons of Car Finder Plus app for iPhone and iPad

Car Finder Plus app good for

if the GPS strength could be displayed and waited until a strong Signal is available before setting the position mark. Edit: added 1 star for the cool new icon
Ths is why I bought the iPhone. This is the first app I bought and used. Needed it, used it, found my car. Its great!
Read about this app in The New York Times so I decdied to give it a try. Tested it twice outside the city -- its good, really good!
I came across a mention of this in the media and am glad I did. Overall its worked very well, unless Im in a multi-level mall.
I find this very useful. My experience has been highly positive with no incidents of significant inaccuracy.
Not perfect but precise enough to be useful for me. Plus I like the "cool" factor of the app.

Some bad moments

Im realizing that the gps function isnt very good... Got out my car, tapped my location in the app... Worked all day, came to look for my car.. I found it without the app... Turns out its easier looking for the car than looking at the phone screen.... Hmmmm Once I found the car, the gps said I was about 100 feet from where it said my car was... The gps needs to be a little more precise for an app like this... Nice try though, I had high hopes because I lose my car allot!!
This app will locate your car so you can see it on Maps, all right, but the directions are, about 2/3 of the time, exactly opposite to the direction you need to go.
It showed me where my car was on a tiny map, but the directions were off by 180 degrees! Several hours later I checked for directions to the car and it wanted to send me west and south by 17 miles, when the location was actually to the north and east.
Said my car was in a field a quarter mile from where it actually was. Directions to get to it were wrong, even it it had been the right location. Taking even 99 cents for this worthless app is ridiculous.
Why stop at level 5? Parking garages now have 10 or more levels. This was the whole reason for me getting this app. To remember what floor I was on.
When i use the application, the first thing I do is forget where I parked. When returning to the car, after marking the spot from GPS as I leave and come out of the store and each time it tells me to go south east. That could be right some of the time but how am I to know. a disappointment.